About Our Website

This is the companion website for the paper SoK: I Have the (Developer) Power! Sample Size Estimation for Fisher's Exact, Chi-Squared, McNemar's, Wilcoxon Rank-Sum, Wilcoxon Signed-Rank and t-tests in Developer-Centered Usable Security.

It provides a way to search for similar work and directly access related effect sizes to make it easier to conduct a priori power analysis for developer-centered usable security studies.

If you want to explore the whole database, not only focusing on effect sizes and statistical results, you can download the database sqlite file here: Download Database.

You can also download the tutorials on how to conduct power analysis for the hypothesis tests at the focus of this work, as a PDF file here: Download Tutorials.

If you found this website helpful in your research, please cite the paper using information in Bibtex entry on this page.

We are working on extending this website, the tutorials and the corresponding database - so if you are interested in collaboration, please get in touch!

Anna-Marie Ortloff
E-Mail: ortloff@cs.uni-bonn.de

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